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Been doing marketing for a long time. Now, I’m writing about it.

So stop asking for it

Last week I went viral with this tweet and got nothing out of it:

Listen, I was sad that Denali had been sashayed away, and when I found that video I was like, yeah, this is me. I posted it because I found it really funny. I just wanted to share my enjoyment with the world.

It was already late in the evening so I prepared to go to sleep and I checked my phone before getting into bed. Guess what? Denali herself had liked the video!

I gasped because I love her and then I happily went to…

Fun fact about me: I learned the colors, shapes, numbers, to sum and rest, and basic things in life in English, which wasn’t my mother tongue. My mother tongue is Spanish, by the way. (También escribo en español a veces).

I started speaking English when I was 4 years old. Do the Math, it’s been 28 years since that. I learned to read in English before I read something in Spanish. I can perfectly express anything in English, I might make mistakes, of course, but I do those in Spanish too haha.

And then, for 25 years, I didn’t think…

I’ll start this by saying that I love writing about technical stuff. Why? Because it’s a challenge.

It’s a challenge to explain a lot of complex concepts and it’s a challenge to do it in a clear way, a way anyone could understand.

Obviously, this depends on the audience you have.

Sometimes you have a group of geeks like me that will want to learn more about the technical part of things BUT that doesn’t mean you can just write like a robot.

Unless you’re a robot. In that case, it’s ok.

Anyway, I want to share how I approach…

First of all, I never intended to work in marketing. In fact, I clearly remember telling a friend that did study marketing that her career basically existed to bamboozle* people into buying stuff.

Yep. I was that person.

But then, because life just works that way, I got surprised.

I graduated from university and had a chance to work in marketing right away. Back then, I didn’t know what I was doing. Not that I know now.

I was young, I didn’t know all the things I didn't know. And I just said yes to everything.

I learned that marketing…


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