Been doing marketing for a long time. Now, I’m writing about it.


  • Hector Mora

    Hector Mora

    Obsessed and concerned about self

  • José Calleja

    José Calleja


  • Carmen Lorenzana (she/her)

    Carmen Lorenzana (she/her)

    As a menstrual educator & coach, I help women & people with periods understand their cycle, see it as something positive, and take care of their cyclical self.

  • eThrive


    Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do #Entrepreneurs #Vision #Traffic #Socialmedia #crowdfunding



    Algo de fotografía, fotogenia, viajes, talleres y otras cosillas en mi blog

  • Paulette Olguín

    Paulette Olguín

    Sapphire and faded jeans.

  • Kichink


    Kichink es la solución integral de comercio electrónico líder en México. ¡Comprar y vender en línea nunca fue tan fácil! ¿Tienes una pregunta? @KichinkAyuda

  • Carlos Silva

    Carlos Silva

    6 years ago I was homeless, unemployed, and signing divorce papers. Honing my storytelling skills, marketing, and remote work saved my life.

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